Bus Seats & Seat Accessories

Ausmotor Seats & Seat Accessories:

As an associate member of BusNSW, Ausmotor International Pty Ltd has been listed as one of Bus Seating Suppliers, supplying ADR68 certified bus seats and city bus seats in models of ZTZY series in the market;

Since 2004, Ausmotor has been supplying full dimension city bus seat grab handles / crash pads to match STA NSW new buses and after sales market.

Ausmotor Bus Seats in ADR68 certified models:

ZTZY3060 (double seats) in ADR68

ZTZY3232 (double seats) in ADR68

ZTZY3170 (reclining seats) in ADR68

ZTZY3061 2/3 bus seats in ADR68
Patent number: 2015100454

ZTZY1058 in ECE and ADR (Heavy Vehicle Driver Seat)

ZTZY8100 (city bus seats)